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Zionist enemy forces bombed martyr Al-Khawaja’s house in Ramallah, amidst clashes

The Zionist enemy forces blew up, at dawn today, Tuesday, the house of the martyr Moataz Al-Khawaja in Ni’lin town Ramallah, after a siege that lasted for more than four hours, amidst clashes with young men.

“Palestine Today” news agency reported that large forces of the enemy army surrounded at dawn today the house of the martyr Moataz Al-Khawaja, in preparation for its demolition in the town of Ni’lin, west of Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank.

The agency quoted local and security sources as saying: After the Zionist enemy forces stormed the town of Ni’lin, they went to the house of the martyr Moataz al-Khawaja, who carried out the “Dizengoff” operation. in preparation for its demolition.

The enemy forces fired tear gas bombs massively towards the houses of the people in the eastern neighborhood in the town of Ni’lin, Ramallah.

Violent confrontations also broke out between a group of young men and the enemy forces in the town of Ni’lin, during the continuous storming of the town by the occupation forces.

The martyr Moataz Al-Khawaja (23 years old) carried out a shooting attack in Dizengoff Street in the occupied city of “Tel Aviv” on the ninth of last March, which resulted in the death of a settler and the wounding of two others, before he rose as a martyr.

Source: Yemen News Agency