Yemeni Resistance well geared for liberating Ad Durayhimi, Yemen

HODEIDAH, The Saudi-led Arab Coalition and the Joint Yemeni Resistance Forces have carried out a surprise military offensive on Ad Durayhimi, Hodeidah, that resulted in controlling key strategic positions in the district and cutting off the key supply routes of the now-besieged Houthi militias, who have sustained heavy losses following the attacks that left a number of their key field commanders either dead or injured, with others fleeing the battlefield en masse.

The operation is paving the way for the Yemeni forces to advance toward Beit Al Faqih and Al Mansouryia to expel the rebels’ remnants from the area.

More reinforcements of the Arab Coalition Forces are successfully battling their way along the Yemen’s Red Sea Coast to clinch the battle of Ad Durayhimi, while considering the protection of civilians as utmost priority at a time the rebels are using the civilian population as human shields to protect their losing fighters.

Backed by the Arab Coalition Forces, thousands of well-trained Yemeni fighters have been, in the meantime, mobilised to secure the liberated areas in Hodeidah and ensure control over the rest of the Red Sea Coast. This is coupled with consistent efforts being made by demining teams to clear the farmlands and other roads leading to Ad Durayhimi of the explosives planted by the Iran-backed militias.

According to confirmed field reports, the Yemeni Resistance Forces have liberated more than 90 kms of lands in Al Khokha district up to Ad Durayhimi, south of Hodeidah, in a short span of time as part of a well-calculated military plan to clear the districts of Zubaid, Beit Al Faqih and Al Mansouryia as well the eastern areas along the Red Sea Coast, of the Houthi rebel hideouts.

Source: Emirates News Agency