Yemeni national forces continue storming Al Qaeda bastions in Wadi Hamara, Mahfad

ABYAN, Supported by the pro-legitimacy Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces, the security and rapid reaction forces in the governorate of Abyan today continued storming of Al Qaeda pockets in the mountains of Al Mahfad Directorate to expunge the terrorists from the entire area as part of the Operation Sweeping Torrent that started earlier this week to drive Al Qaeda from Al Mahfad, which is considered a main stronghold for the terror group, and Wadi Hamara.

Within this context, the security forces stormed the hideout of one of Al Qaeda ringleaders, better known as Zaki Lash’ab, north of Al Mahfad Directorate where they located large caches of weapons and ammunition as part of the campaign to drive the militants out of the area.

Earlier the security forces of Abyan supported by the Arab Coalition Forces located a Katyusha rocket depot of Al Qaeda. The attack left Al Qaeda leader Abu Mohsin Basabreen dead following a military faceoff that inflicted heavy material and human damage on the terror group’s elements and resulted in detaining two wanted terrorists.

The coalition in 2016 carried out a swift military campaign and drove Al Qaeda militants out of Hadramaut, which they controlled for one complete year following the coup perpetrated by the Iran-backed Houthi militias against the internationally recognised government of Yemen.

Source: Emirates News Agency