Yemeni army, Coalition forces advance in Al Bayda – Writethrough

ADEN, Forces of the Yemeni army and the Arab Coalition have made new advances in the province of Al Bayda, south of Sana’a, according to the military-run 26th September website.

The website cited ‘a field source’ as saying that Yemeni army forces had liberated Jebel Al-Sada and the areas of Mawr and Malih, following clashes with the Houthi militias.

The source added that the fighting had resulted in the death and injury of some militia personnel, while others had fled the area.

26th September also quoted a separate statement from the ‘field source’ as saying that Arab Coalition forces had raided and destroyed a number of warehouses in Al Bayda used by the Houthi militia to store weapons and military equipment. A building described as the Houthi militia’s headquarters in the Al Quryshiah district, north of Al Bayda city, was destroyed while another raid on a location named as Jamida resulted in the destruction of a tank and other weaponry.

The source also told the website that Yemeni troops and members of the Popular Resistance had foiled an attack attempt by the Houthi militia in the Ashar area.

Source: Emirates News Agency