WAM reports on conditions in liberated Yemeni regions

Freedom finally reigns in areas of Yemen’s West Coast that were liberated by the Arab Coalition Forces, led by Saudi Arabia, which supported the legitimate Yemeni government.

The smiles have also returned to the faces of Yemeni children after the Iranian-backed Houthi militias had destroyed their innocence.

The Emirates News Agency, WAM, is reporting on the conditions in the liberated areas of Yemen, directly from the field and at the heart of the events, by visiting many of the key local facilities that are being restored by the UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, to offer comprehensive services to Yemeni children.

The Houthi militias left the commercial market in Mocha in darkness, until the city was liberated by the Arab Coalition Forces and legitimate Yemeni Forces, and bustling trade and commerce have returned while various goods also became available for consumers.

Yemeni traders and citizens stated that the UAE, through the ERC, has exerted considerable efforts to rehabilitate various key facilities in the city, such as the Mocha Electricity Plant and the General Hospital. It has also restored the damaged houses of local people, they added while expressing their hope that the coming period will witnesses the liberation of more Yemeni cities and that life will once again return to normal everywhere, like the situation in Mocha.

Sheikh Abdulrahman Al Ghunami, Chairman of the Mocha Traders for Development Union, said that commerce and trade have returned to the commercial market in Mocha after the city’s liberation, which is once again fully supplied with the various goods and merchandise that Yemeni citizens require in their daily lives while pointing out that the market is a current symbol of the city’s liberation from the Houthi militias.

Al Ghunami thanked the UAE and the ERC for their efforts to return the city’s normal living conditions after its liberation, and their desire to restore its key facilities.

The total value of the UAE’s assistance to Yemen between April 2015 and November 2017 reached around AED9.4 billion, which is equivalent to US$2.56 billion.

These statistics and data reflect the UAE’s and its wise leadership’s concern for the future of the Yemeni people, which is in line with the goals of the Arab Coalition to liberate Yemen, under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and the participation of the UAE and several other Arab countries.

It is clear that the ERC’s focus on providing urgent relief assistance aims to ease the suffering caused by the destructive actions of the Houthi militias, and the UAE has succeeded in ensuring that many sectors return to normal.

Source: Emirates News Agency