UAE Parliamentary Division to participate in third meeting of Arab Parliament in Cairo

CAIRO, A UAE Parliamentary Division will participate in the third meeting of the second session of the second Legislative Chapter of the Arab Parliament, which will be held tomorrow at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo.

The UAE delegation will include FNC and Arab Parliament members Khalid Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Chairman of the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs; Jassim Abdullah Al Naqbi, Member of the Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Committee; Mohammed Ahmed Al Yamahi, Member of the Foreign Affairs and Political Affairs and National Security Committee, and Aisha Salem bin Samnoh, Member of the Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs, Women and Youth in the Arab Parliament.

The mentioned Arab parliament committees concluded their work yesterday.

Al Yamahi stated that the Foreign and Political Affairs and National Security Committee discussed a draft periodic political report and determined its general framework, approach and goals, as well as political developments in the Arab world.

He added that the committee also discussed its initiatives regarding an Arab law on mediation and reconciliation and expressed their opinions and political views about the law while monitoring joint Arab work and reviewing the outcomes of a ministerial meeting of the Council of the Arab League during its extraordinary session on 19th November, as well as the resolutions from the Amman Summit held in March 2017.

Al Falasi said that the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs discussed its working plan for its second session in 2018, as well as the execution of its mandates for its second meeting and the resolutions from its general session and its financial position until February. It also discussed the contributions of member countries to the 2018 budget, and the arrangements to organise the Arab Economic Integration Seminar, which will be held in Morocco.

Al Naqbi stressed that the Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Committee discussed unified Arab legislation and laws and a draft human rights report on the Arab world in 2017 while reviewing a Memorandum of Understanding on creating a parliamentary vision to decrease the effects of wars and conflicts on human rights and the development of the Arab world, as well as the committee’s positive role in supporting Arab causes.

Source: Emirates News Agency