‘UAE martyrs’ sacrifices reflect values of Gulf nations’: Ajman Ruler

AJMAN, On the 30th of November each year, the UAE celebrates the achievements and sacrifices of its martyrs, making it a day when the hearts of the people fill with gratitude and pride for the heroism and sacrifices that have been made in the battlefields to support the victory of the homeland, said H.H. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman.

In a statement to ‘Nation Shield’ magazine on the occasion of Commemoration Day, H.H. Sheikh Humaid Al Nuaimi, added, “On this day, we are reminded of our martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the UAE flag to fly high, as they performed their national duties – be it civil, military or humanitarian – inside and outside the country.”

“The blood of the martyrs which have spilled as they defended their brothers represents the real meaning of the principles upheld by Gulf nations, signifies freedom and dignity, and demonstrates the deep understanding and love of people of the UAE for their homeland, and for preserving its safety and stability,” the Ajman Ruler stated, adding, these sacrifices were also significant to defending the oppressed and raising the banner of truth.

“Our leadership, which is known for honoring our martyrs by looking after their families, has diversified its gestures and initiatives. The establishment of the Martyrs Families’ Affairs Office by the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince shows great appreciation for the sacrifices of our martyrs and in honouring their families. The Martyrs’ Office goes beyond providing services to the martyrs’ families and perpetuating their memory, it is an embodiment of the unique relationship that the people of the UAE have with the leadership.”

Concluding his statement, Sheikh Humaid said, “Our martyrs have given up their lives in order for our nation to continue enjoying security, safety, tranquility and peace; to preserve the gains and achievements of our country and our people, which the Founding Fathers have worked tirelessly to achieve, and to keep the UAE flag flying high.

“We ask Allah Almighty to have mercy on their souls and grant their families patience and solace.”

Source: Emirates News Agency