TRA participates in Cyber Defence Live 2019

DUBAI, The UAE, represented by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, TRA, participated in the Cyber Defence Live 2019 (FireEye) in Dubai, which discussed key practices to detect and respond to cyber-attacks.

The conference was aimed at informing the participants about the latest cyber threats and ways to safeguard institutions from potential cyber breaches. It also constituted a networking opportunity for specialists and leaders in the cybersecurity sector, as well as a cooperation opportunity for organisations and institutions on cybersecurity.

TRA’s Internet Advancement Senior Manager, Abdulrahman Al Marzouqi, in his opening speech said, “In the UAE, we have developed a national strategy for cybersecurity, to be a key element in risk prevention and preparedness for the cybersecurity challenges, accelerate the process of digital transformation and smart city, where millions of devices and platforms communicate automatically, producing vast and unprecedented amounts of data in a safe and secure manner.”

Al Marzouqi added, “In the UAE, we believe in the importance of a partnership between the government and private sectors, as it is essential for the achievement of our country’s goals and future aspirations. The government develops legislation and regulations to protect users and preserve their privacy, while companies provide tools to protect users, such as binary verification (two-factor authentication) and other means.”

The conference hosted a panel discussion on trending modern cyber-attacks, with the participation of the TRA, the Dubai Cyber Security Centre, the Emirates National Oil Company, and the American University of Sharjah. During the session, Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi, Manager of Information Security at the TRA, reviewed social engineering attacks spread via WhatsApp and social media, which seek to deceive people into revealing their private data, as well as impersonation attacks.

The conference included a live cyber-attacks simulation, with specialists who presented a 360-degree view of cyber-breaches, during which participants learned the best practices to prepare for a potential cyber-attack.

It also discussed the evolution of the digital age, the cyber risks associated with it, and ways of protection. The conference reviewed the effects of cyber-attacks, their overall impact on companies, and the best practices that institutions, companies and individuals should follow to overcome the risks of penetration.

Additionally, the conference focused on the importance of protecting vital infrastructure, encouraging the establishment of cybersecurity start-ups, and contributing to the development of strategies and capacity building.

Source: Emirates News Agency