The launch of Chatello App ICO

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Associare announced today the launch of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), to fund the continued development of its proprietary new app, Chatello.

Chatello is slated to become the Social Media industry’s standard go-to app for the monetization of social media followers and influence. Currently, there are no apps in the market that have found a way to effectively and efficiently serve as a revenue generating communication platform, enabling social media influencers, celebrities, and businesses that utilize social media, to monetize their presence, and establish genuine, synchronous or asynchronous, communications between influencers and their follower base. One-to-one, anytime, anywhere, all the time.

While the celebrities with 20 million followers or more have found ways to monetize their influence, those with followers of 100K – 20M have not been able to effectively monetize their sizeable social media presence, until now,” says Rabie Fares, Associare’s CEO. “Followers would happily pay a reasonable fee to be able to communicate with the people they follow and admire, and until Chatello, there has been no social media platform that enables this.”

With Chatello, you can communicate in ways you never could before, and with people you never had access to before. Chatello gives you the power to ask questions or seek advice, from the people you most admire. You can chat with celebrities and influencers around the world with a simple click.

We are committed to getting onboard at least 100 global and/or regional celebrities and influencers, to use Chatello. We have already received commitments from 4 celebrities, and we haven’t even launched the App yet.

Rabie concludes by adding “beyond a mere social media app, we see Chatello as a pioneering revenue generating communications platform.

The ICO is open to everyone, visit us at The ICO is open from Jan 2 to Feb 15, 2018 valued at US$10M and priced at US$2 per CHA token. We are projecting revenue of US$20M by the second year of operations, with a plan to give away 20% from the profit to the initial Chatello token buyers. It’s our way of thanking our early backers, and its our commitment to honor this offer.

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