The 10 Millionth Engine of GWM is Born and another 23 power plans announced

BAODING, China, July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the 10 millionth engine of GWM’s HYCET rolled off the assembly line officially, making GWM the first company with a scale of 10 million engines among Chinese auto brands. HYCET has declared that it will launch 23 engine products based on four fuel forms of gasoline, diesel, synthetic fuel and hydrogen and six product platforms in the next three years. Such strong R&D strength has drawn attention from all walks of life.

Since its establishment, HYCET has been devoted to breakthroughs and innovations, with the ability of “one-stop” product development. It has built a national product laboratory with the world’s leading experiment and testing capacity and scientific R&D strength. It has won the Science and Technology Progress Award many times. Its independently-developed GW4C20B 2.0T gasoline engine has won the title of “The Best Engines of China” seven times. HYCET also manufactures engines with CVVL technology. Apart from HYCET, only three major brands in the world, namely BMW, Nissan and Toyota, can fully master this technology. The 10 millionth engine that rolled off the assembly line this time is a 1.5T in-cylinder direct-injection gasoline engine whose model is 4B15C. This engine features maximum power of 135kW, a maximum torque of 275 Nm and a minimum fuel consumption rate of 218.2g/kWh, ranking among the top in the industry in terms of combustion efficiency and emission level. In the future, this high-powered engine will be equipped on HAVAL JOLION and other models.

In the new era of pursuing low-carbon and energy-saving development, relying on six engine product platforms, HYCET has not only produced all kinds of gasoline and diesel engines, but also made all efforts to develop DHT engines, hydrogen energy engines and synthetic fuel engines, to provide increasing products to meet the different demands of consumers. At present, HYCET has successfully launched the 1.5L naturally aspirated gasoline engine 4G15H which is specially designed for hybrid electrical vehicles. This engine integrates a number of advanced technologies such as electronic water pump, low-pressure EGR, high-efficiency ignition, 4.5bar multi-point fuel injection, 13:1 compression ratio and Atkinson cycle. Meanwhile, this product is fully integrated with GWM’s “L.E.M.O.N. DHT” technology, which enables the engine to be promoted in more markets and comparable to European and American automobile products. Moreover, according to the plan, HYCET will also launch a 2.0T dedicated hybrid engine with thermal efficiency exceeding 45% in 2023, and release the first high-thermal-efficiency dedicated synthetic fuel engine and hydrogen fuel engine in 2024 and 2025, respectively, to a more advanced and greener experience for car users.

Engines 4B15C and 4G15H

In the future, GWM’s HYCET will conduct in-depth iterations in the three dimensions of green and low-carbon development, intelligent control and high-efficiency power by upholding the R&D concept of “conducting targeted investment and becoming industry leader”, to truly realize the independent R&D of the high-grade power.

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