Supported by UAE, Arab Coalition starts ‘Al Faisal Operation’ against Al Qaeda strongholds

HADRAMAUT, Supported by the UAE Armed Forces, the pro-legitimacy Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen has started a sweeping operation to drive elements of Al Qaeda from the entire Wadi Al Masini, Hadramaut.

The offensive codenamed “Al Faisal Operation” is going across three main axes in the area and is backed by massive carpet-bombing.

The Arab Coalition Forces have earlier entered the valley, which is considered a major stronghold for Al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen, and ensured full control over its entry points.

In April 2016 the UAE launched a large-scale operation against Al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations in Yemen and resulted in significantly curbing acts of terror in a number of Yemeni governorates and restoring essential infrastructure services across the Hadramaut Governorate, primarily the reoperation of Port Mukala which is an essential economic utility for Yemeni people.

Following the success, the Emirates Red Crescent, the UAE’s humanitarian arm, immediately started its relief operations by distributing thousands of food baskets and medical supplies in Al Mukala City, and allocated US$ 20 million to rehabilitate the port along with a number of other developmental projects.

Source: Emirates News Agency