Strike Social starts accepting Dash as payment for digital advertising campaigns

No. 17 fastest-growing private company in the United States will use the new currency to facilitate international expansion

CHICAGO, Jan. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Strike Social — the No. 17 fastest-growing private company in the United States, according to the Inc. 500 — is happy to announce the inclusion of Dash as a form of payment for digital advertising campaigns.

Strike Social, the No. 17 fastest-growing private company in the United States.

Strike Social holds the distinct honor of being the largest YouTube ad optimization firm, with half of its revenue coming from Facebook and other digital ad platforms, such as Amazon, DoubleClick, Snap, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Strike Social operates in 14 different fiat currencies, which can access 40 countries outside the U.S.

“It’s hard to express how labor intensive, painstaking and expensive it is for companies to operate across borders in fiat currencies,” says Patrick McKenna, Strike Social’s chairman and co-founder. “The cost to manage a global operation in your own accounting and finance departments is tough, and in most cases, you have to hire local tax specialists in each country to help you stay in compliance with laws to keep banking.”

It was a four-year march by Strike Social to establish four separate foreign subsidiary entities and set up 10 different traditional banking relationships in eight countries. Still, the company couldn’t reach a few major economies, such as Brazil and India.

“Adding Dash as a payment gets us the rest of the world, and with their negligible transaction fees, it’s a home run for us and our customers,” McKenna adds.

The global digital ad spend is expected to hit $269 billion next year, reaching a total of $335 billion by 2020. “We’ll take the whole thing in Dash if we have to,” says McKenna.

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