Shura Council meeting discusses coordination mechanism draft with media

Shura Council meeting, chaired today, Saturday, by the council’s deputy speaker, Mohammed Hassan Al-Durra, discussed the coordination mechanism between the council and the media.

The meeting, which included the head of the Media, Culture, Youth and Sports Committee of the Council, Fatima Muhammad, the Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Hizam Al-Assad, and the Secretary-General of the Council, Ali Abdel-Moghni, reviewed a proposal for holding an expanded meeting with the media as part of the projects of the national vision for international building to come up with a coordination mechanism that contributes to strengthening the role and tasks. Legal and Constitutional Council.

At the meeting, the Vice-Chairman of the Council stressed the importance of integrating efforts and joint coordination between the Media Committee and the General Secretariat to develop an appropriate coordination mechanism with the media in accordance with the frameworks and general media policy of the state.

He pointed out the importance of the mechanism contributing to shedding light on the various activities of the Council and highlighting its role in addressing many national issues.

The meeting decided to refer the issue of holding the expanded meeting with the media, after absorbing the observations received, to the Presidency of the Council for discussion and approval.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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