Sheikh Zayed’s legacy is engraved in nation’s collective memory: Ahmed Al Za’abi

ABU DHABI, The Founder’s Memorial is a tribute to the memory of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, a creative leader who believed in the will and determination of the nation’s people to help build the UAE, and its capital, Abu Dhabi, as a beacon of progress and development, and a model for peaceful co-existence and tolerance, Ahmed Juma Al Za’abi, Deputy Minister for Presidential Affairs, said during the inauguration of the Memorial on Monday.

“Sheikh Zayed won the admiration and appreciation of global leaders for his wisdom in leadership and his generosity and support for development programmes in friendly nations,” Al Za’abi added.

He went on to say that the UAE not only celebrates Sheikh Zayed as a leader, father, pioneer and innovator, but also as a national symbol embodied in the nation’s collective memory. “The Founding Father established fundamental policies for the development of our nation, as well as helping build relations with nations globally. He was a model leader who spared no effort to please his people,” the Deputy Minister for Presidential Affairs continued.

Al Za’abi said that Sheikh Zayed’s legacy of leadership and his noble humanitarian values will continue to shape the generations to come and that the Founder’s Memorial is a space for the nation’s citizens and residents to reflect and take pride in this distinguished legacy.

Source: Emirates News Agency