Senate’s labor committee partakes in Cairo’s Arab Labor Conference

The Senate’s Labor and Social Development Committee is currently participating in the 49th session of the Arab Labor Conference, organized by the Arab Labor Organization (ALO) in Cairo, Egypt, from May 22 to 29. Senator Issa Haidar Murad, the committee’s chairman, said that the conference focuses on the ALO director-general’s report titled “Societal Dialogue: Challenges of the Present and Horizons for the Future.” It aims to discuss ways to strengthen social dialogue at both national and regional levels, as indicated in a statement released by the committee on Tuesday. In light of the challenging economic circumstances, Senator Murad emphasized the importance of supporting social dialogue as the optimal strategy for enhancing the economic potential of Arab countries. This approach allows them to address current challenges and crises, mitigate their impact, adapt to transformations, and utilize them to achieve sustainable development goals. Murad called for leveraging social dialogue to foster understanding that considers the interests of all three stakeholders employers, employees, and society as a whole. He proposed organizing comprehensive meetings that establish a common ground for unified visions and goals while defining the responsibilities of each party to protect rights and promote social justice. Furthermore, he underscored the significance of social dialogue in empowering working women by introducing legislation that supports their participation in labor unions. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of establishing occupational safety and health measures, protecting workers in non-standard employment arrangements, and regularizing their work conditions.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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