RTA wins two Middle Eastern IT Infrastructure and Storage Capacity awards

DUBAI, The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, in Dubai has won two Middle Eastern Network Awards sponsored by ITP Media Group. The first was in the Best Information Technology Infrastructure Project category, which was won by Multiplexing Technology for Optical Fiber Lines Project. The second was in the Best Data Storage Project category and was won by the Consolidated Data Storage Project.

Speaking on the occasion, Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA, said, “Winning these awards indicates RTA’s efforts in adopting the latest IT; an essential capital that has to be invested in line with the top international standards. Upgrading IT contributes immensely in taking appropriate decisions for uplifting RTA’s corporate performance. More efforts are needed to step up the operational efficiency and insure data security; an integral part of the core assets the RTA owns as one of the biggest government entities in Dubai and the UAE.”

Al Tayer made this statement upon accepting the awards from Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of Corporate Technology Support Services Sector; and Maher bin Fareed Shirah, Director of RTA’s IT.

“Winning the Best IT Infrastructure Award in Multiplexing Technology for Optical Fiber Lines Project across the Middle East reflects the importance of this project as an innovative initiative for increasing the existing bandwidth of optical fibre lines. Accordingly, the single line will act in an economical and efficient manner as multiple lines simultaneously,” said Al Madani.

“The use of this technology increases the efficiency of the service provided through increasing the capacity of data transmission by doubling the number of fibre optic channels. The need for this technology has emerged with the need for additional numbers of fibre-optic lines to satisfy the needs of RTA agencies. The ITD has thus covered this need through implementing this technology and reusing the existing fibre-optic lines without having to purchase more lines,” he explained.

“Due to the massive cost of fibre optics, this technology has proved important as it generates savings that should have otherwise been spent on purchasing new fibre-optic lines based on Economies of Scale theory. This technology also helps accelerate the provision of services without requiring the extension of new fibre-optic lines over the required distance in kilometres,” added Al Madani.

“The second award for the Best Data Storage Project won by the Consolidated Data Storage Project reveals the innovative feature of the Project,” said Maher Shirah. “Thanks to this technology, we can have a bulky storage capacity with a short-time backup window, which reduces the cost of this process while assuring the quality.

“The technology is self-treating, as it works to rectify any defect without causing interference. This service aims to classify RTA data storage according to its importance while ensuring the provision of core service data more effectively along with the provision of a high-level of the protection layer.

Source: Emirates News Agency