RAK Municipality launches inspection campaigns targeting breeding, sale of live birds

RAS AL KHAIMAH, The Veterinary Control and Services Section of the Ras al-Khaimah Municipality has launched a series of inspection campaigns that targeted areas where live birds are bred and sold, which are being conducted in the mornings and evenings during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The campaign targeted private properties and farms that breed and sell unlicensed live poultry, which is a risk to the emirate’s general health and security, as they can be a source of viral and infectious diseases that threaten human health and require considerable time and money to eliminate.

During the campaign, five farms were caught, and 21,800 birds were confiscated.

The administration warned individuals about buying poultry from unknown sources or from unlicensed stores, especially those with unnatural symptoms while adding that they must report any suspicious cases that could pose a risk to general health.

The campaigns are part of the emirate’s effort to control the sale of poultry.

Source: Emirates News Agency