QNA… 48 Years of Giving, Media Excellence

Qatar News Agency (QNA) celebrates on Thursday its 48th anniversary since its establishment.

Founded on May 25, 1975, according to Amiri Decree No. 94 of 1975, QNA has been on a steady path of media professionalism, using modern methods and keeping up-to-date with the latest digital media developments to deliver accurate, distinguished, and comprehensive news to the audience as quickly as possible, becoming one of the most prominent and powerful among Arab and international news agencies.

Celebrating its 48th anniversary, HE Director-General of QNA Ahmed bin Saeed Al Rumaihi said that the agency is keen and determined more than ever to move forward on the path of excellence, achievement, and distinction, and be at the forefront of the Qatari media scene, thanks to its loyal cadres, productive competencies, and generous efforts.

In an exclusive statement to QNA, HE QNA Director-General affirmed that the march, full of bright stops, and the prestigious position that QNA reached would not have been possible without the unlimited support it and other Qatari media institutions received from HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, his wise government, Qatars media freedom, and the hard and sincere work carried out by the agencys cadres in their various tasks and ranks, and their keenness to continuously develop QNAs services and departments, providing them with the latest technology. In addition to that, the continuous training, so that its outputs are distinguished by its professionalism and craftsmanship, so that QNA remains a symbol of media excellency, carrying Qatars name on all horizons and platforms.

The massive transformations in communication and social media have led to major changes in the production, distribution, and receiving of information and news materials, posing a major challenge to traditional media. As QNA realized this early on, it worked to expand its production department to provide more than just hard news, producing written and illustrated reports and presenting information to the audience in an easy and interesting format, HE added.

On QNA’s latest developments, His Excellency said that in March, the agency launched an instant translation service for its news in 26 languages, in addition to Arabic, to implement its plan to expand the provision of its news services in many languages. This new service gives the audience everything they want to know about the State of Qatar including its economic, social, tourism, and cultural policies in their native language so that the agency will be the gateway for them to get to know the country closely, HE added.

HE Ahmed bin Saeed Al Rumaihi stressed in his statement to QNA that the agency’s 48th anniversary is decorated with achievements and successes. Those in charge of the agency look forward to the future of this important media institution, constantly updating its various news services to keep pace with modern media and remain a leader among international news agencies.

During the past few years, the agency has made significant shifts and transformations to develop. It has launched its revamped website, kept pace with recent transformations in the communication and artificial intelligence fields, and developed its pages on social media, which greatly doubled the number of its followers in record time. The agency has also expanded covering national, regional, and international events, in a comprehensive manner, keeping pace with events, and aligning itself with the State’s general vision.

The agency succeeded in moving toward professional media work, thanks to the great support it receives from the wise leadership, and the efforts made by the agency’s employees in each department, to assume a prestigious position and be among international news agencies.

Last September, Qatar News Agency (QNA) launched its news services in three new languages French, German, and Spanish.

Currently, QNA provides its news services in five international languages Arabic, English, French, German, and Spanish. On Oct. 1, 2022, the agency launched its news services in French, German, and Spanish through its new smartphone application (QNA News2). In the same month, the agency also launched a new service for people with disabilities on the agency’s website and smartphone application, as part of QNA’s continuous efforts to communicate with various groups of society and to put local and international news and events right at the palms of their hands. The new service conveys the news to people with disabilities in audio and video.

In March, the agency opened QNA training halls at its headquarters in the Dafna area, in line with the agency’s vision to develop its media cadres and raise their efficiency by offering specialized quality training programs, using professional trainers and experts in the training field. These halls will train graduates of the press and media departments who wish to join QNA or other various state agencies that express a desire to qualify their cadres working in the media, communication, and public relations departments. (MORE)

Source: Qatar News Agency