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In February, Qatar News Agency (QNA) won the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA) Award for the best report for 2022, for its report entitled ‘Private Museums Enhance Cultural Vision, Community Awareness in Qatar’. In a message received by HE Director-General of QNA Ahmed bin Saeed Al Rumaihi, the FANA General Secretariat, represented by Secretary-General Dr. Farid Ayar, expressed its sincere congratulations on this win, wishing QNA all success and continued progress. QNA congratulated all its employees on this victory, especially in the news department, wishing to redouble efforts and intensify work so that QNA will always serve the State of Qatar and support the causes of its Arab and Islamic nations.

The news department is the beating heart of the agency, operating around the clock. It includes the Arabic editorial department, an important pillar of QNA, the foreign editorial department, the economic news department, which covers all local economic events and activities, and the local news department, which handle political and social activities and conferences, including health, education, work, and others. The local news department also handles reports, interviews with ministers and officials from Qatar and abroad, foreign ambassadors, and Qatari ambassadors abroad.

The agency’s Arabic editorial department is constantly keen, through all its staff, to raise its professional performance, diversify its news and reports, and develop the departments media work by implementing plans that focus on improving the journalistic content of the news and its ease of access to the recipient, and what accompanies that in the news department.

In this regard, the news department continued to develop its services on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook, in addition to producing short videos about HH the Amirs visits and meetings. Infographics were also added, which convey complex data, information, and concepts into digestible information using pictures and graphics, to their Twitter, Instagram, and website, and video clips were added to the agency’s interviews and coverage of events taking place in the country.

QNAs digital media department keeps pace with important news and events in the State of Qatar and abroad through designs that highlight the most important news in a visually attractive manner. It focuses on summarizing information and highlighting the main points in an accurate yet visually pleasing manner. The department also covers festivals and events organized within the country and prepares videos that include exclusive statements by the news agency alongside the infographics and materials designed to keep up with current news.

As for the Arabic editorial departments social media unit, it has continued to develop its services on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram. In this context, a special Twitter for sports was created to include all the sporting events published on the agency’s bulletin and other important news prepared by the unit’s editor. The agency has also started publishing its news on Facebook and began publishing breaking news. The unit has developed its digital services through the incorporation of infographics, which were previously limited to the weather, the Cabinet, and the Stock Exchange, but now include economic, sports, and political news. The video service has also developed after previously being limited to HH the Amirs activities to include coverage of local events. News published on Twitter and Facebook is now all accompanied by pictures and hashtags, whether sports or general. It has also started publishing the Cabinets infographic on Telegram.

The cultural section follows up on the various events in the countrys cultural sectors, conducts interviews with officials in the local cultural and artistic departments and centers, follows up all cultural, literary, artistic, and scientific conferences, festivals, and seminars, and keeps up to date with Arab and international agencies and sites concerned with culture to follow regional and international cultural and artistic activities and events.

The sports section covers all sports-related events, activities, championships, and competitions in the country and abroad. The State of Qatar has affirmed during the last period its sports leadership in the Middle East and continued to prove its worth as the capital of Arab and international sports by hosting and organizing many tournaments and various events. Doha has reached this unique international position in the region, especially after hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. (MORE)

Source: Qatar News Agency

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