Passenger transportation driver permits soar by 45% in 2017: RTA

DUBAI, The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has confirmed that the number of permits issued to drivers of passenger transportation vehicles witnessed a remarkable increase of as much as 45 percent in 2017, compared to similar permits issued in 2016.

Last year, 12,390 permits had been issued for practising passenger transportation occupation compared to 8,572 permits issued in 2016. Such permits comprise three types – school transport and female attendant permits, taxi and limo permits, and heavy bus permits.

Commenting on the increase, Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer, Director of Drivers Affairs, RTA’s Public Transport Agency, said, “The total number of new permits issued to school transport and female attendant permits amounted to 3,170 in 2017. It reflects a 19 percent increase when compared to the number of similar permits issued in 2016, which amounted to 2,654. Drivers of taxis and limousines were issued with 8,805 permits in 2017, which involves an increase of 49 percent of the number of similar permits issued in 2016, amounting to 5,918. Drivers of heavy buses have been issued with 415 permits.

“These figures are indicative of the undergoing economic growth in the transportation and tourism sector in the emirate and reveal that the demand for the transportation sector is expected to continue an upward trend in 2018. Such a rise warrants a sustained increase in the issuance and renewal of permits for practicing passenger transportation occupation and the qualification of drivers in light of the growing population and number of passengers. The number of Dubai visitors exceeded 16 million in 2017, which underlines the growth in tourism and transportation.”

Source: Emirates News Agency