Op-Ed: UAE focuses on overcoming the impossible

ABU DHABI, The Ministry of Possibilities is a new innovative step and unique model that gathers together all members of the UAE Cabinet to consolidate their efforts, face their challenges and find joint solutions.

It is also the “ministry of ministries” and a new model for addressing vital national issues, foreseeing the future and taking precautions, which will save time, and discover and train exceptional Emirati talents who can serve their country, as well as prepare a new generation capable of utilising the latest skills.

The name of the ministry highlights the country’s confident and positive approach, as it does not accept the impossible, which is the approach of the UAE leadership that seeks to ensure progress, overcome obstacles, eliminate negative visions and ideas, promote hard work and find solutions.

The ministry, launched a few months ago, aims to promote positive behaviours among members of the community and influence them to achieve greater successes by eliminating the mentality of the impossible and focusing on achievements and progress.

Despite negative news about regional and international developments, the UAE focuses on overcoming the impossible, achieving growth, and acquiring skills in all areas of knowledge, science and technology.

The Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, taught the Emirati people and the country’s leadership that nothing is impossible. These teachings are reinforced through the establishment of the Ministry of Possibilities, which further affirms the UAE’s avid support of civilisational progress and development, utilising leading initiatives, while highlighting the country’s commitment to working hard and giving forward for the benefit of its people.

Source: Emirates News Agency