‘Online Service Index’ Executive Team reviews achievements

ABU DHABI, The Executive Team of the Online Service Index (OSI) has held its first meeting for 2018 at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, in conjunction with the “UAE Hackathon”, organised by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. This meeting is based on the Cabinet Resolution on launching the executive teams to achieve the National Agenda and UAE Vision 2021.

The team reviewed the most important achievements and innovative initiatives in the Online Services Index aimed at achieving the aspirations of the leadership, in enhancing the country’s leadership in the global competitive indicators in the field of smart government and smart services, as well as achieving the welfare and happiness of citizens and reaching the first position globally by 2021.

Commenting on these efforts, Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of TRA, and mGovernment Director-General, said, “The OSI national team represents the efforts of continuous cooperation and coordination among various government entities, on the local and federal level, to enhance the maturity and development of these services, in line with the vision of our leadership in this field. We emphasise that achieving the national goal of this indicator requires the introduction of innovative resolutions and mechanisms, and the launch of initiatives to address the challenges that prevent the provision of data to the highest standards of accuracy and comprehensiveness.”

Salem Al Housani, Acting Deputy Director General for Information and eGovernment Sector, said: :”We commend the team’s achievement in terms of advancing the OSI. We emphasise on the continuation of work to keep the momentum, through the establishment of forums and gatherings to exchange ideas and experiences in this field. As for the next year work plan, it includes the provision of periodic statistics to measure the progress in the national index, accurately and comprehensively, and conducting benchmarks to measure the achieved work.”

The meeting reviewed the size of achieved work according to three levels; the sub-team, the federal effort and contribution, and the initiative and activity in each team. The participants praised the smart platform developed to monitor the various levels of performance and immediate release of reports by Deira system, which is characterised by the adoption of the highest international standards of reliability and utility.

The OSI Executive Team contains representatives of 11 federal and local government entities. Its priorities includes providing a sustainable environment and an integrated infrastructure, in addition to working on achieving the planned objectives on the international level, where the UN e-Government report is the reference. The team uses the latest global trends in the e-government survey, i.e. bridging the digital gap, open data, enhancing the usage, several channels services, inter-connected government and e-participation. Based on these trends, the team has developed a map of stakeholders and relevant entities, and their relation to the achievement of the national index, for enhancing the UAE’s competitiveness global position, taking into account the development of innovative initiatives and mechanisms for highly efficient implementation.

Moreover, on the sidelines of the meeting, the team members had a tour in the “UAE Hackathon”, which was launched in Abu Dhabi under the title “Data for Happiness”. The participants were briefed in the meeting on the efforts of dozens of young men and women to analyse government data, to reach solutions and ideas that help to bring happiness to the community.

They were also introduced to the close relation between the Hackathon goals and the achievement of the OSI goals as data is a key element in the development of services, in the era of Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The participants were briefed on the important facilities of Khalifa University, the leading scientific institutions that contributes to building national generations capable of carrying the burdens of digital transformation and sustainable development.

Source: Emirates News Agency