National Olympic Committee continues field visits in preparation for National Sports Day

DUBAI, The National Olympic Committee, NOC, has continued its field visits for the third edition of the National Sports Day initiative, which will kick off on 7th March, 2018, with the participation of various groups, bodies, institutions, businesses and the private sector under the slogan “UAE brings us together.”

The third edition of the event will be unique, as it will promote to the ninth Regional Games of the Special Olympics Abu Dhabi 2018, which will be held for athletes with intellectual disabilities from 14th March to 22nd March, 2018. The event includes the Middle East and North Africa region and is expected to host more than 1,200 athletes from 33 countries to participate in the Regional Games and the World Games Special Olympics 2019.

The NOC teams have intensified their contacts with various bodies, institutions, as well as sport and community clubs. They have also co-ordinated with ISM Sports Academy, which will arrange many activities in football, tennis and swimming for the age group (3-14) years. It will organise some activities on the sidelines of the National Sports Day.

“The National Sports Day initiative is a great opportunity to exercise sports and recreational activities with all the participants on the same day at the same time to promote the lofty and noble values among the participating children. As a result, it will reflect positively on their personality and behaviour, because of the great role of the sport in the awareness and education of the community. In addition, the sport is not only limited to exercising activities, but it is also a gateway to great knowledge and friendship and exchange of ideas and experiences,” said Joe Terry, Director-General of the ISM Sports Academy.

“The special thing in the National Sports Day initiative is that it brings together many cultures and nationalities living in the UAE, and everyone is competing to participate in this sporting event to show their best capabilities at the end of the day. During the last two versions, the last day of the event has always been a remarkable success through organising of activities and recreational, cultural and physical sports, which left a great impression to all participants from individuals, institutions and bodies,” he added.

“The allocation of 24 hours full of all sports activities, whether it be on land, sea or air on the National Sports Day, is a translation of its slogan ‘UAE brings us together.’ Everyone is working hard to promote the event in the best possible way and reach the largest possible number of age groups, as it targets adults and young people and stakeholders in addition to the employees of institutions, sectors and bodies of all kinds,” said Mohammed Zaim, Chairman of the Marketing Committee of the Pakistani Association in Dubai.

“The National Sports Day initiative, launched for the third time on 7th March, has enhanced the concept of community participation among all groups and has opened the way for unique models to express the love of the UAE,” he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency