The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) organized yesterday a workshop on building the TASMU Smart Qatar Central Platform, with a number of local and global technology companies.

The event introduced TASMU’s strategic partners to the architecture of the TASMU Smart Qatar Central Platform through discussions that covered best practices to set up the platform. The workshop featured a presentation about TASMU Smart Qatar Program’s vision and strategic objectives and ongoing efforts to harness the power of technology and innovation and its focus on harnessing the power of technology and innovation to drive sustainable economic diversification, improve the quality of life and enhance the delivery of public services across priority sectors.

TASMU experts also showcased the platform architecture that was developed by TASMU team, Q-CERT and information technology sector at the MOTC. It covers all platform-related elements, including information security, data collection and classification, IoT, and others.

The platform will be providing the technology services that TASMU’s priority sectors need to avoid duplication and to empower and accelerate establishing each sector’s platform. This approach would help strike a balance between ownership and responsibility, as well as fulfilling sectoral needs and benefiting from all existing efforts in this respect. It would also help achieve inter-sector cooperation.

The presentation was followed by interactive discussions and perspective exchange between attending companies where ideas were explored and requirements clarified. This comes ahead of launching the RFP for platform development, which signals the beginning of a multiyear partnership.

Source: Medai Center