Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities organises International Ethics and Philosophy Conference

The Centre for Philosophical Studies at Mohamed Bin Zayed University for the Humanities announced it is organising its first event, “The International Ethics and Philosophy Conference “to be a leading global knowledge hub for philosophical studies and support the UAE’s advocacy for tolerance and coexistence.

Scheduled on November 17-18, 2022, the event coincides with international celebrations of World Philosophy Day and will feature renowned scholars and academics from around the world who will share the latest insights, research, and perspectives on ethics and philosophy.

The conference will be held in Grand Hyatt – Abu Dhabi and live-streamed on MBZUH digital platforms.

Among the topics to be discussed include the “Philosophy of Ethics”, “Philosophy and Ethics of Ibn Tufail”, “Philosophy of Tolerance”, “Philosophy of Divine Law and Morals”, “Ethics in Aristotelian Philosophy”, and “Ethics from the Perspective high-leveltian Thought”.

In addition, high level research papers will be presented that will highlight critical and analytical reading of Spinoza’s Book of Ethics, and other important philosophical works.

Dr. Dr. Khaled Al Dhaheri, chancellor of MBZUH, says philosophical studies is a key pillar of the Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities’ academic programmes.

He explained, “ The study of philosophy is essential to a deeper understanding of tolerance, coexistence as well as critical thinking. All these underpin philosophical and moral concepts that are a part of a diverse and plural society, in addition to the subject being a starting point for intellectual discourse that helps shape collective consciousness.”

According to Dr. Al Dhaheri, the conference aims to address the relationship of philosophy with ethics, by highlighting ethics in philosophical thought, at both theoretical and practical levels. “This will help further advance interest in the development of research and studies on values in general and moral values in particular. It also comes in line with the Abu Dhabi government’s endeavour to make values an effective means and a desired end for evaluating thought and behaviour.”

He stressed that the International Conference on Philosophy and Ethics will further support this vision and will be an annual undertaking to reflect the long-term aspiration of Abu Dhabi and the university to be a leader in field of philosophy.

Source: Emirates News Agency