Mizuho® Showcases Extended Suite of Specialty Surgery and Integrated Operating Room Technology Solutions at Arab Health 2018

Paramon® OR Integration System, ProAxis® Spinal Surgery Table, ReLED Aurinio Wave® Surgical Light, and More Available for Demonstration January 29th-February 1st

UNION CITY, California, Jan. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Mizuho OSI® and Trilux Medical® are demonstrating their range of surgical suite solutions to attendees at Arab Health 2018. Featured products include the Paramon® OR integration system, reLED Aurinio Wave® surgical light, and ProAxis® surgical table for advanced surgical positioning. The Company invites attendees to experience its specialty surgery and operating room capabilities in the Shaikh Saeed Hall, Booth S2E50.

Integrated operating rooms are becoming increasingly specialized, creating a need for technologies that can meet the demands of the surgeon, hospital, and OR staff. A Red Dot Award winner for its design, the Paramon OR Integration System is developed to reduce the complexity of the OR environment and help the entire surgical team work more safely, efficiently, and reduce operating times. The system is a control center for routing important video and data information and is both intuitive and user friendly, providing the ability to reduce surgical suite turn-around time and expedite room setup.

During spinal surgery, intraoperative patient positioning greatly influences patient outcomes. For patients undergoing surgery on a radiolucent frame with the abdomen hanging free, dynamic positioning enhances the surgeon’s ability to effectively assess neurologic decompression and correct sagittal deformity. The ProAxis Surgical Table has been designed to provide this advanced positioning through its software-driven, advanced hinge technology. The ProAxis is a hinged table system that supports controlled flexion and extension of the lumbar spine. Through the use of the IntelliPendant®, a surgeon receives real-time information, allowing for precise monitoring of the patient’s position and table functions.

With the increasing demands of surgical procedures, Mizuho general tables have continuously improved to address these needs. The MOT-VS600 Slide Top Operating Table provides the weight capacity, articulation, and height capabilities needed for any patient or procedure. With its best-in-class 360 kg (800 lbs.) articulated weight capacity, surgeons can take full advantage of a 35° tilt and 40° Trendelenburg, along with the lowest height and most top slide of any general surgical table. The MOT-VS600 is the ideal choice for multi-surgical disciplines including those where imaging, laparoscopic, or endoscopic techniques are required.

“As operating rooms become both more specialized and complex, hospitals are searching for ways to improve workflow and allow surgical teams to instantly share data using innovative technology,” said Greg Neukirch, vice president of Marketing and Sales at Mizuho OSI. “Arab Health gives Mizuho OSI the opportunity to demonstrate the extent of our capabilities for creating an interconnected OR with innovative data hubs, surgical tables, and OR accessories.”

In addition to its featured surgical tables and OR integration systems at Arab Health, Mizuho is demonstrating triathlon, the world’s first complete modular OR solution. A combination of expertise from Mizuho OSI and Trilux Medical, triathlon is comprised of an expert team that works with customers to develop the appropriate OR environment with the highest levels of information security and trust for hospitals, surgeons, and OR staff. Additionally, Mizuho is displaying the reLED Aurinio Wave surgical light—a shadow-free solution for trouble-free surgery—Medidrant 2.0 ceiling supply system, and the CEMOR monitor arm at Arab Health.

About Mizuho OSI and Trilux Medical

Mizuho OSI® is a U.S. based company and the leader in the markets for specialty surgery and patient positioning. The company’s portfolio includes specialty surgical tables for procedure-specific approaches that improves patient outcomes in spine and orthopedic surgeries, a range of general surgical tables, and consumable surgical patient care products. Mizuho OSI products are sold direct in the U.S. and Germany, and by the Mizuho Corporation in Japan. Both companies sell their products and solutions worldwide through authorized international distributors. Mizuho OSI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuho Corporation located in Tokyo, Japan, a leading surgical table manufacturer in Asia. The Mizuho Group also includes Trilux Medical®, a subsidiary of Mizuho OSI. Trilux Medical is a provider and manufacturer of surgical lights, surgical pendants, operating room patient integration, video management systems, and turn-key operating room solutions. Trilux Medical products and solutions are sold direct in Germany and worldwide through authorized international distributors. More information is available at www.mizuhosi.com