Mental health awareness programme kicks-off Wednesday

DUBAI, The Dubai Healthcare City, DHCC, the healthcare free zone of Dubai, today announced its week-long mental health awareness programme.

Themed, “Stigma ends when a conversation begins”, the programme kicks off on World Mental Health Day on Wednesday, 10th October, to tackle anxiety, depression, job stress and cyberbullying, among other issues.

It aims to address stigma, empower patients and improve public health and well-being. Planned activities include more than 80 complimentary consultations for the public in the DHCC free zone and a collaboration with academic institution Amity University Dubai.

Global figures indicate that half of all mental illnesses begin by the age of 14 and three-quarters by mid-20s according to the World Health Organisation that marks World Mental Health Day.

In the UAE, mental health is a national priority with the government taking steps to introduce policies and a framework to improve the mental well-being of youths and adults. The Dubai Government’s push to remove the stigma attached to mental health through its “Happy Lives, Healthy Communities” strategy has spurred action among stakeholders in the health industry.

Dr Ramadan AlBlooshi, CEO, Dubai Healthcare City Authority � Regulatory, said, “In line with the Dubai Government’s efforts, the DHCC aims to create a culture in which people feel safe and comfortable to talk about their issues, and are guaranteed the best care. World Mental Health Day is a timely reminder to raise awareness and initiate conversations to improve mental wellbeing in the communities we serve.”

“Enabling access to mental healthcare and treatment is an integral part of finding long-term solutions,” Dr AlBlooshi added.

In the DHCC, close to 30 clinical partners offer services in mental health issues that affect children and adults alike. Last year, more than 16,000 patients visited these clinics.

Source: Emirates News Agency