Making Life Better with Inventions, Midea Wows 2018 AWE with Smart Kitchen Experience

SHANGHAI, March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Leading consumer appliances manufacturer Midea has demonstrated its latest kitchen appliance technologies and products during the 2018 Appliances & Electronics World Expo (2018 AWE) in Shanghai.

At the expo, large crowds joined the Midea's kitchen lab

At the expo, Midea’s kitchen lab (the “Lab”) featured four experience pavilions that highlighted the brand’s “Four Great Inventions.” Large crowds joined the cooking shows and baking events presented by renowned chefs Julien Perrinet and Jane Yang as well as the Haollee pastry art institution in Midea’s smart kitchens supported by the latest smart home technologies.

“A key platform for promoting Midea’s kitchen lifestyle and cultural experience of the future, the Lab has fully showcased our foresight and leadership position in the field of kitchen appliances technologies. It’s our goal to spread an easy kitchen lifestyle that can engage everyone in the family,” said Liang Zhengtao, domestic marketing director of embedded products of Midea’s Kitchen Applicances Division.

The Lab was Midea’s upgraded concept in kitchen appliances and solutions that adds a humanistic touch to the technological inventions, providing the ultimate user experience in different aspects of the kitchen.

The Fun baking pavilion highlighted the second-generation Fun oven, supported by artificial intelligence (AI) image recognition, an invention that can analyze the food placed in the oven through machine learning and AI recognition technologies before automatically matching an appropriate cooking curve. The oven also has a built-in camera that can take photos of the dish being cooked and share it on social media.

Another product in Midea’s smart kitchen line is its voice-controlled microwave oven series, equipped with a Chipintelli & Conexant voice chip, allowing hands-free cooking as users can give the microwave simple voice instructions such as “Open the door,” and “Select the right recipe.”

In the smart cleaning pavilion, Midea unveiled a new dishwasher catering specifically to the Chinese kitchen and is optimized for the cooking habits in Chinese households. The dishwasher can complete tasks such as dish cleaning with running water, vegetable and fruit cleansing and garbage disposal.

Midea Wows 2018 AWE with Smart Kitchen Experience

“With the Chinese style dishwasher in our kitchen, we’ll never have to argue about whose turn it is to do the dishes,” said Liang.

The Lab also exhibited its well-received range hood with steam cleaning feature. Its high suction power can achieve maximum air purification and make cooking healthier and more convenient in modern kitchens.

“Midea has demonstrated our strong research and development capabilities in the field of kitchen and household appliances at the 2018 AWE. We want to revolutionize the Chinese kitchen and show users the charming side of cooking and cleaning with inventions that can make life better,” Liang said. “In the future, Midea will continue to lead the industry with high-quality and innovative kitchen solutions with the goal of building a user-centered smart kitchen ecosystem.”

About Midea Kitchen Appliance Division

Midea Kitchen Appliance Division is affiliated to Midea Group, one of the largest household appliance manufacturers in China. Founded in 1968, Midea is one of the world’s largest kitchen appliance suppliers with annual sales revenue exceeding US$23 billion, the world’s No.1 major appliances manufacturer according reported by Euromonitor, and is the world’s No. 1 microwave oven and No. 3 dishwasher manufacturer. It operates three production bases and two R&D centers in China in addition to a production base in Belarus and R&D centers in Bologna, Italy and Louisville, Kentucky.

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