Krypto Labs hosts Female Leaders Forum

ABU DHABI, Krypto Labs, the Abu Dhabi based all-in-one business incubator, accelerator and world-class co-working space for start-ups, welcomed Hafsa Ulama, Ambassador of the UAE to Brazil, Mariam Al Mheiri, Chief Executive Officer of Media Zone Authority-Abu Dhabi and twofour54, Ms. Heather Henyon, Partner in Mindshift Capital, Ms. AlReem Saif, Celebrity Influencer and Entrepreneur and Ms. Elissa Freiha, Co-Founder of WOMENA, along with prominent female Emirati and international role models and influencers, to the Female Leaders Forum under the theme “Empowered and enlightened female entrepreneur of tomorrow”. The forum, hosted by Krypto Labs in partnership with Dubai Business Women Council, was held at Krypto Labs headquarters in Masdar City.

Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi, Managing Director of Krypto Labs, said during his welcome speech that 23,000 Emirati businesswomen run projects worth over AED 50 billion, and occupy 15 per cent of the positions in the boards of chambers of commerce and industry nationwide.

Hafsa Ulama gave the opening statement at the forum in which she said: “We ought to think and wonder clearly about the success of women’s empowerment efforts and their contribution to the economic, social and political growth and prosperity around the world. In this regard, we stand by the pioneering experience of the United Arab Emirates as it stands as a global model.” ”We remember the encouragement and support Emirati women received from the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the United Arab Emirates, who honored women and expressed his concern that the success of the nations is linked to the participation of women in all social, economic and political spheres. Emirati women are fully supported and encouraged by H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, GWU, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, FDF, who spares no effort in raising the level of women and enabling them to play their roles as active partners in building the nation through the launch of the National Strategy of Empowerment of Emirati Women 2015-2021.”

Mariam Al Mheiri also addressed the challenges faced by women in the business sector, and noted the need to increase the proportion of women in the business and executive sectors. She also noted that female entrepreneurs may face some issues related to access to finance, which would affect the growth of women entrepreneurship. In her speech, Her Excellency Mariam Al Mheiri pointed to the need to enhance the confidence of female entrepreneurs, and provide them with the necessary support, and to shed the light on female role models and form communication and expertise networks amongst women in all economic, social and political sectors.”

Ms. Heather Henyon said: “There is no doubt that women in the UAE have come a long way in developing their skills in all fields and sectors. However, and on a more global scale, progress achieved in the empowerment of women has not totally overcome some of the personal and social obstacles that remain prominent and stand in the way of the empowerment of women. Efforts need to be made and programs has to be sharpened to reach a state of full support to women in order for women to elevate not only on the personal level, but also to be more active as enablers in the society as a whole and make full use of the fruits of previous efforts.”

The Female Leaders Forum was a perfect opportunity for like-minded Emirati and international female leaders along with Krypto Labs experts and executives to bond and address together the many compliant issues that require consideration. The panel discussion saw numbers of businesswomen and guests taking part in the panel discussion.

Ms. Elissa Freiha said: “From my perspective and my personal entrepreneurial experience, it is much easier for women in the UAE to create their own business than in many countries around the world. There is no doubt that the UAE made a huge leap in empowering women as well as having the amazing advantage of being a young nation with treasures of opportunities for women to fulfill their ambitions.”

Ms. AlReem Saif, said: “It is not a secret that we are reaping the fruits of the UAE’s unique experience in empowering women and gender balance. The UAE stands as a leader in gender parity and integration of local and international female talents in the region and beyond. By pursuing the digitization of industry, UAE paves the way to greater opportunities for female advancement in the technology, education, media and business industry.”

Source: Emirates News Agency