Jordan’s industrial exports attain global significance, affirms JEA official

In celebration of Independence Day, Ahmad Khudari, the head of the Jordanian Exporters Association (JEA), highlighted the remarkable achievements of Jordan’s industrial exports, emphasizing their quality and competitiveness in global markets. In a statement on Wednesday, Khudari underscored the substantial growth of Jordan’s industrial exports, which escalated from JD500 million in the late 20th century to over JD7 billion today, playing a pivotal role in the expansion and development of the country’s industry. Khudari attributed the international success of Jordanian industrial exports to the nation’s hard-earned independence, attained through the sacrifices of its leadership and devoted citizens. He praised the industry sector, one of the oldest in the region, which employs nearly a quarter of a million people, predominantly Jordanians, and has now achieved international recognition. The diligent workforce produces goods that reach consumers in 144 countries worldwide. Highlighting Jordan’s significant economic ties with numerous nations, Khudari pointed out its membership in the World Trade Organization and free trade agreements with the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA). Additionally, he mentioned the existence of bilateral agreements with various countries, further contributing to Jordan’s economic growth. Khudari emphasized that Jordanian exports play a vital role in increasing output, generating employment opportunities for Jordanians, bolstering foreign exchange reserves, and attracting new investors. He stressed the importance of both the private and public sectors fulfilling His Majesty the King’s economic vision, particularly in implementing the Economic Modernization Vision. This comprehensive initiative supports economic sectors and is crucial for achieving overall development goals, boosting exports, attracting investments, and creating jobs. The head of JEA highlighted the presence of numerous high-value industries in Jordan, including food, pharmaceuticals, knitwear, chemicals, engineering, mining, agriculture, food security, and logistics services. He also underscored the significance of enhancing the capacities of Jordanian industrial companies through scientific research and innovation to foster product development and global competitiveness. Additionally, Khudari emphasized the importance of maximizing local resources to establish value-added industries that contribute to the national economy and expand market presence in the American and European markets. With Jordanian industrial exports accounting for 90% of the Kingdom’s total exports and the sector representing a quarter of the GDP, Khudari called for a reconsideration of fuel prices and freight charges to reduce operating costs and increase the share of Jordanian products in the domestic market. To sustain the growth of national exports, he stressed the need to explore new marketing channels, introduce export incentive programs, support participation in international exhibitions to promote domestic industry, and strengthen economic ties with friendly nations.

Source: Jordan News Agency