Jeddah Declaration: Arab Leaders Stress Centrality of Palestinian Cause, Call for Strengthening Arab Action //1//

4- We support for all efforts that could guarantee security and stability in the Republic of Yemen and fulfill the aspirations of the brotherly Yemeni people. We also advocate for the UN and regional efforts seeking to come up with a comprehensive political solution to the Yemeni crisis based on the three terms of reference: the GCC initiative and its implementation mechanism, the Yemeni National Dialogue outcomes, and the UN Security Council Resolution 2216. We reiterate support for the efforts of the Presidential Leadership Council in Yemen to achieve security, stability and peace in the country in a way that ensures an end to the Yemeni crisis.

5- We express our solidarity with Lebanon and urge all Lebanese parties to dialogue in order to elect a President of the Republic who fulfills the aspirations of the Lebanese people, the regular work of the constitutional institutions, and the adoption of the required reforms to get Lebanon out of its crisis.

6- We call for stopping foreign interference in the domestic affairs of Arab countries and categorically reject all support for the formation of armed groups and militias outside the scope of state institutions. We stress that internal armed conflicts will not result in the victory of any one party, but will rather exacerbate the suffering of the peoples, destroy their achievements and impede their progress.

7- We stress that sustainable development, security, stability and peace are inherent rights for all Arab citizens. These will only be achieved through concerted efforts and through firmly fighting crime and corruption at all levels. We also stress the need to mobilize potentials and capabilities in order to create a future that is based on creativity and innovation and that keeps abreast of various developments in a way that serves and enhances security, stability and the well-being of our people.

8- We believe that visions and plans based on investing in resources and opportunities and addressing challenges can localize development and activate available capabilities. Such visions and plans should utilize technology in order to achieve a comprehensive Arab industrial and agricultural renaissance to which our countries should contribute through integrated potentials. We should boost our solidarity and enhance our interdependence and unity in order to achieve the ambitions and aspirations of our Arab peoples.

9- We express our commitment to and pride in our values and culture based on dialogue, tolerance, openness and non-interference in other countries’ affairs under any pretext. Meanwhile, we emphasize our respect for the values and cultures of others and the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of states. At the same time, we believe that cultural diversity contributes to better understanding and coexistence. We categorically reject using the dominance of some cultures as a pretext for interfering in the domestic affairs of our countries.

10- We seek to exert more efforts to preserve our culture and inherent Arab identity among our sons and daughters and to strengthen their pride in our well-established values, customs and traditions. We pledge to make every effort to highlight our cultural and intellectual heritage and spread our well-established culture to make it a bridge for communication with other cultures.

11- We appreciate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s keenness , during the year it held the presidency of the 32nd Arab League summit, on a number of initiatives that are bound to contribute to advancing the joint Arab work in the cultural, economic, social and environmental fields, including: – The initiative of teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers, which targets the children of the second and third generations of Arab immigrants, in a way that contributes to enhancing civilizational communication between Arab countries and the world, and highlights and preserves the well-established Arab civilization and culture.

– The Culture and Green Future Initiative aims to raise the level of commitment of the cultural sector in the Arab countries towards the goals of sustainable development and to develop cultural policies related to sustainability, in addition to contributing to supporting environmentally friendly cultural practices and supporting the creative economy in the Arab countries.

– The initiative of sustaining the supply chains of essential food commodities for the Arab countries relies mainly on a set of activities and the provision of investment opportunities with economic and financial feasibility that contribute to meeting the needs of Arab countries for food commodities.

– The initiative of research and excellence in the water desalination industry and its solutions stimulates scientific and applied research and innovation in the desalinated water production industry and water solutions for interested and needy countries. It focuses on spreading and sharing knowledge and experiences, contributing to improving the economics of this industry in order to reduce costs, raise the efficiency of operations and improve its environmental sustainability, in addition to the issuance of specifications, standardizations and institutional restructuring for the water sectors to make them a strategic industry for the Arab countries.

– The initiative to establish a think tank for research and studies in sustainability and economic development would embrace new directions and ideas and highlight the importance of sustainable development initiatives in the Arab region to enhance joint and multilateral interest in research cooperation and the conclusion of strategic partnerships.”

Source: Qatar News Agency

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