InBody BAND 2, a Wearable Body Composition Analyzer, is Now for Sale Worldwide

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, March 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Body composition analyzers and fitness trackers have fused into one in InBody’s newest product, the InBody BAND 2. The device sets itself apart from the competition by measuring percent body fat, fat mass and muscle mass. The wearable InBody BAND 2 also tracks sleep quality, heart rate, steps and activity.

“Most fitness trackers will set a goal of 10,000 steps. While it’s a great way to increase activity, a more effective way to improve health is by tracking percent body fat and muscle mass,” said Mr,Chang, Vice President of Consumer Dept of InBody. “The InBody BAND 2 can recognize these changes in body composition to help people attain better health.”

Body composition analysis is now at a user’s fingertips

By using electrodes on the sides of the module, users can learn how much muscle mass and fat mass is in their bodies. They can also monitor their percent body fat. Tracking all of these changes in the body composition is in the InBody Wear App.

Automatically track workouts by selecting from 12 exercises

EZTrainingTM counts reps during a workout, so the user can focus on improving their muscle tone. Recognized exercises include:

shoulder press                               crunch                                          plank
bench press                                   deadlift                                         squat
kettlebell swing                               lunge                                           wall sit
jumping jack                                   burpee                                         hip bridge

Receive notifications

The InBody BAND 2 can alert the user when receiving phone calls, text messages and SNS.

Monitor sleep, heart rate and activity with the InBody BAND 2

The InBody BAND 2 monitors how well and how long the user sleeps. To monitor heart rate, the InBody BAND 2 uses electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors. A 3D accelerometer is used to track the number of steps taken, calories burned and measure the distance traveled.

The InBody BAND 2 comes in four colors: midnight black, stone gray, red wine and modern navy. The dust and water resistant InBody BAND 2 can be purchased at

About InBody

Founded in 1996, InBody has been changing the health and wellness industry for more than 20 years. InBody’s award-winning, medical-grade devices are used by professionals and consumers in the medical, fitness, research and corporate wellness verticals. Most famous for manufacturing easy, quick and precise body composition analyzers, InBody helps people redefine their health by providing accurate outputs like percent body fat, segmental lean analysis and total water in body.