IAAPA EMEA Winter Forum visits Dubai Safari

DUBAI, Dubai Safari on Wednesday hosted 150 delegates of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, IAAPA’s, EMEA Winter Forum 2018.

The park was among the list of top attractions on IAAPA’s EDUTours, which is designed to provide professionals from across the world in leisure, attractions, tourism and entertainment businesses deeper insights into the latest market trends and new destination developments.

Senior officials of Dubai Municipality welcomed the delegates to Dubai Safari and shed light on how the new addition to Dubai’s long list of tourist attractions quickly became a popular destination, attracting an unprecedented number of visitors from all walks of life. They also highlighted the wildlife park’s contributions to preserve wildlife and endangered species, and its efforts to raise awareness on wildlife conservation among the people of the UAE and the wider world.

Accompanied by professionally trained guides at Dubai Safari, the delegates toured the park spread over 119 hectares. Moving around in an electric train, the forum attendees visited the Arabian Village, African Village, Asian Village, as well as the open Safari Village, where they experienced a close encounter with a wide range of animals, from the world’s largest land mammal, the African elephant, to the tiny meerkat as well as lions, tigers, reptiles, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, lemurs, pygmy hippos, and antelopes, among others.

They also visited the UAE’s largest walk-through aviary, which is home to more than 25 species of birds, and Kids Farm, before heading to the park’s guest amenities including services and facilities for people of determination, classrooms for school visits and F&B outlets for visitors.

“We thank the delegates of the IAAPA EMEA Winter Forum 2018 for visiting Dubai Safari. It was our honour to give them a tour of the park’s world-class edutainment offerings and emphasise our commitment to preserving wildlife and animal welfare. From behind-the-scenes activity of the park’s day-to-day operations to its wide array of experiences that are tailored for all ages and backgrounds their visit provided us with an excellent opportunity to highlight Dubai’s initiatives aimed at strengthening the emirate’s leisure credentials, while also contributing to global sustainability efforts,” said Khalid Al Suwaidi, Director of Leisure Facilities at Dubai Municipality.

Source: Emirates News Agency