Hundreds of settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque

Hundreds of extremist settlers stormed on Thursday morning the blessed al-Aqsa Mosque from Mughrabi Gate accompanied with heavy security by the Zionist enemy’s police, in celebration of the so-called “Feast of Weeks or the revelation of the Torah” in Hebrew.

The enemy’s police has deployed its special forces and units in the courtyards of al-Aqsa and at its gates to secure the settlers’ incursions, amid strict restrictions imposed on the entry of Palestinians.

The Islamic Endowments Department in occupied al-Quds stated that about 200 settlers stormed al-Aqsa Mosque since morning and organized provocative tours in its courtyards.

it explained that the storming settlers received explanations about the alleged “temple”, and performed Talmudic rituals in Bab al-Rahma area, east of al-Aqsa.

The enemy police imposed strict restrictions on the entry of worshipers to al-Aqsa and prevented the entry of those under the age of 50 to perform the evening and dawn prayers in the mosque.

The young men performed the dawn prayer in the Bab Hatta area – one of the doors of the blessed mosque.

These incursions come in response to calls made by the alleged “Temple Groups” to carry out mass and widespread incursions into al-Aqsa Mosque in what is called the “Feast of Weeks”.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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