Houthi leader Taha Al Shahari and his 38 accomplices killed in Yemen

YEMEN, Houthi leader Taha Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Shahari and thirty eight of his companions – members of the Iranian-backed militias – were killed during confrontations with the Yemeni Resistance Forces in the Hayes Front and the Tuhayat District south of Yemen’s Hodeidah Governorate.

In an undeclared state of emergency, rebel members in the city of Hodeidah have called for blood donations due to the significant numbers wounded in their ranks as a result of the severe blows they are witnessing.

Meanwhile, Houthi militias in the country’s Kataba region have also received painful blows in confrontations with the Tehama Resistance Forces between the districts of Tuhayat and Al Khawkhah.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition supporting the legitimacy in Yemen, backed by the UAE Armed Forces, continue to bomb Houthi military positions and reinforcements as part of efforts to weed out members of the militia.

Source: Emirates News Agency