House of Representatives commits Government to implement number of recommendations on oil derivatives

The House of Representatives, in its session held on Wednesday, headed by Speaker Yahya Ali Al-Ra’i, approved the report of the Development, Oil and Mineral Resources Committee regarding the results of its field visit to the two branches of the Yemeni Oil Company in the provinces of Hodeida and Dhamar.

This followed the commitment of the government side represented by the Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmed Abdullah Dares and the presence of the Minister of State for House and Shura Affairs. Ali Abdullah Abu Haliqa, Director General of the State Oil and Gas Corporation, Mahmoud Salim Al-Naom, and Executive General Director of the Yemen Oil Company, Engineer Ammar Saleh Al-Adhraiy has implemented the following recommendations:

1. The Ministry of Transport, represented by the Red Sea Ports Corporation, and the Ministry of Oil and Minerals, represented by the Yemeni Oil Company, must expedite the maintenance of oil berth No. (2) in Hodeidah port, which was subject to the Starlet ship collision in 2015, for which an amount of (600) thousand dollars was delivered to the Red Sea Ports Corporation of the total amount of compensation and informing the Council of what will be reached.

2. The Ministry of Oil and Minerals, represented by the Yemen Oil Company, should begin the construction of the Ras Isa oil port to receive and unload many large ships whose cargo amounts to (100) thousand tons or more, and establish platforms for loading trailers with oil derivatives and expand the construction of other tanks in the Ras Issa facility.

3. The Ministry of Oil and Minerals, represented by the Yemen Gas Company, shall take the necessary measures to transfer the Yemen Gas Company’s facility in the port of Hodeidah to the port of Ras Issa and establish tanks for the unloading of domestic gas.

4. The Ministry of Oil and Minerals, represented by the Yemeni Oil Company, shall promptly provide the Council and the Committee with contracts for the import and purchase of oil derivatives from the tender advertisements for the import of oil derivatives.

In the session, the members of the Council stressed, in the context of their discussions, the importance of repairing the sidewalk, the cost of which had already been approved.

They stressed the importance of reducing the prices of oil derivatives, according to the decline in international prices and following up on that in order to alleviate the suffering of citizens and take into account the exceptional circumstances the country is going through as a result of the exacerbation of the humanitarian situation due to the catastrophic effects left by the aggression and the blockade.

The Council directed the Ministry of Oil not to adopt any messages related to any price increases without being approved by the House of Representatives.

The deputies affirmed the Council’s rejection of any agreements or contracts concluded by the government in exile with any of the companies or countries, and held the violators responsible for harming the interests of the Yemeni people and Yemen’s preservation of its right to sue the looters and tamperers with the wealth and capabilities of the Yemeni people.

For his part, the Minister of Oil and Minerals explained the ministry’s endeavor to obtain the best offers for oil derivatives prices and its commitment to work with the observations and recommendations issued by the Council. He referred to what the ministry had accomplished during the previous period, in terms of projects in gas infrastructure, equipping new buildings, and following up on the stages of oil derivatives prices based on those directives and recommendations, indicating that the construction of 6 tanks will begin in the Ras Isa oil port.

He stressed the government’s keenness to encourage investment in accordance with what is in force in the agreements, and warned against continuing to plunder the Yemeni people’s oil wealth, the proceeds of which go to the banks of the countries of aggression.

He called on all companies to invest in Yemen and commit to dealing with the government in the capital, Sana’a, and to prevent any dealings with any other parties, appreciating the efforts of the House of Representatives and its positions through letters and correspondences that it directs from time to time to parliaments, countries and the United Nations with regard to preserving the capabilities of the Yemeni people and conveying their grievances to the world.

In addition, the Council listened to the report of the joint committee from the two committees (Services, and Constitutional and Legal Affairs) regarding the constitutional and legal violations contained in the regulation regulating the temporary activity of owners of electric generators for the generation and distribution of electric power to consumers issued by the Prime Minister’s Resolution No. (33) for the year 1444 AH.

He postponed the completion of the discussion of the report to a next session in the presence of the relevant government side.

The council had started the session by reviewing the minutes of its previous session and approved it, and it will continue to hold its business sessions on Saturday, God willing.

Source: Yemen News Agency