Fujairah Charity Association’s Ramadan projects worth AED56 million benefitted 495,150 beneficiaries

FUJAIRAH, The Fujairah Charity Association’s Ramadan projects benefitted 495,150 beneficiaries this year. The projects comprise Zakat money and Ramadan Iftar and Ramadan Ration projects worth AED56 million, an increase of 15 percent compared to the previous year.

Saeed bin Mohammed Al Raqbani, Chairman of the Association, thanked the philanthropists, sponsors and supporters who contributed to its charity projects and programmes, noting that the number of Iftar meals provided by the association during the Holy Month was 15,926 meals per day, totalling 480,700 during the entire month distributed to 128 locations, including local workers and needy families housing areas, with full adherence to relevant precautionary measures.

As part of its Ramadan Ration project, the association also provided basic food supplies to vulnerable families in Fujairah numbering 6,450 while 3,000 families benefitted from its Zakat al-Fitr project, Eid clothing and fruits basket projects. Full adherence to the precautionary measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic were fully implemented.

Al Raqbani commended the role of the association’s sponsors and supporters, as well as Emirati citizens and residents and media outlets, in supporting its projects.

Source: Emirates News Agency