Founder’s Memorial carries forward Zayed’s legacy: Ahmed Al Humairi

ABU DHABI, In a statement on the occasion of the inauguration of the Founder’s Memorial, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Ahmed Mohamed Al Humairi, has said that the memorial commemorating the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, demonstrates the carrying forward of the late ruler’s legacy.

“This legacy ensures the happiness of the UAE people, providing a guarantee that its youth will be provided with the necessary requirements for a decent life, as well as enshrining tolerance and coexistence as core values of the nation,” he said. The UAE has established itself as a leading country globally thanks to the Founding Father’s efforts, he added.

“In 2018, we celebrate the Year of Zayed and the system of noble values and principles set by the late Sheikh Zayed, being carried forward by the nation’s people and ensuring the safety and stability of the UAE in challenging times,” Al Humairi continued.

The Ministry’s Secretary-General went on to say that Sheikh Zayed established the core pillars of the Union and strengthened its foundations for the benefit of the country and its citizens. “Our Founding Father was able to ensure equality within the education, healthcare, employment and housing sectors, as well as preserving fundamental human rights. Sheikh Zayed was a symbol of advanced leadership and the UAE’s citizens emulate his legacy and character to achieve a brighter future for the nation,” he concluded.

Source: Emirates News Agency