Foreign Ministry describes Jeddah summit as disappointing

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the so-called 32nd Arab Summit, which convened on Friday in Jeddah, did not differ from its predecessors with regard to the file of the ongoing war between Yemen and the countries of aggression.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement, a copy of which was received by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), “This is not a new matter for a university that has, over the past eight years, blessed the aggression and siege imposed on Yemen and granted its mercenaries the right to represent Yemen and occupy its seat, which is the same position that was reconsecrated by the Jeddah summit.”

The statement indicated that the Jeddah Declaration, which resulted from the summit, considered what is happening in Yemen a crisis, while what it was exposed to was a full-fledged brutal aggression and an unjust blockade that resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history.

He pointed out that the Jeddah Declaration touched on the so-called references on which the solution in Yemen is based, including Resolution 2216, on which time has passed, and therefore adhering to it is a pre-emptive disruption of any imminent peace process.

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Jeddah Declaration confirmed its support for the so-called Presidential Leadership Council, which is the council formed by the countries of aggression to achieve their goals in Yemen, and it is certainly an illegitimate council and does not represent Yemen and its people, neither from near nor from afar.

He added, “The Jeddah Declaration stressed the need to stop foreign interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries and to reject support for armed groups and militias, while the countries of aggression interfered for the ninth year in a row in a blatant manner in the internal affairs of Yemen and launched aggression and siege against it and occupied many Yemeni lands and islands, and they also It is still forming and supporting many armed groups, not to mention cooperating with terrorist organizations to implement their agenda in Yemen.

The statement also confirmed that the reform of the League of Arab States and the development of joint Arab action is still a distant dream due to the deep and early American penetrations that diverted it from its lofty goals.

The statement expressed Sana’a’s readiness, as one of the founding Arab capitals of the League of Arab States, to contribute to all reforms required to extricate the League from its miserable reality, and to support all efforts.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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