Federal government employees to observe Reading Hour

ABU DHABI, At 11:00 AM on Tuesday, 27th March, federal government employees will observe one hour of reading as part of the Month of Reading, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, FAHR, announced on Monday.

The Month of Reading, which was launched as part of the UAE National Reading Strategy last year, is observed across the UAE in March every year.

The FAHR said it is launching the reading hour initiative in partnership with the Prime Minister’s Office.

The “Reading Hour” is an initiative by which a specific hour of the Month of Reading’s days will be allocated for the employees of the federal and local government agencies to choose a book to read.

“The Reading Hour initiative seeks to instil the habit of reading in the work environment where employees engage in the Month of Reading and encourage them to read and share knowledge,” the FAHR said.

The year 2016 had been designated as the Year of Reading, involving the start of initiatives such as the Arab Reading Challenge.

According to the National Law of Reading, government employees are to be given “dedicated time to read” during work hours to make reading a daily habit. It will allow government staff time to read at work although they must focus on reading matter about professional and personal development within the context of the workplace.

Source: Emirates News Agency