FANA’s 46th General Assembly concludes

KUWAIT, The 46th General Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies, FANA, ended on Monday in Kuwait after discussing several issues aiming at developing Arab news agencies with more productive mechanisms.

Earlier today, Kuwaiti Prime Minister Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah received heads of delegations attending FANA General Assembly meetings. The delegation of Emirates News Agency, WAM, to the General Assembly meetings was headed by Abdullah Abdul Karim, Director of the Media Coverage Department.

At the end of the meetings, FANA General Assembly called on members to take on the quota method to positively affect female journalists’ working environment and enshrine equal opportunities for both men and women.

According to Kuwait News Agency, KUNA, FANA Secretariat was directed to organize workshops in 2019 to improve the capabilities of employees of the news agencies and provide them with current changes in various fields.

An agreement was reached on continued cooperation between FANA and European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) and to work on a new agreement between both sides taking into account new circumstances.

Reports and bulletins for children were also added to the 2019 agenda called the New Generation Reports File, and the contributions of the news agencies will be scheduled by the General Secretariat. They were keen on using these reports a tool to educate the youth and expand their knowledge through various learning experiences and providing them with values that call for respecting humanity and society at large.

Source: Emirates News Agency