ERC intensifies operations in Yemen

ABU DHABI, The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, has intensified its rescue and development operations in Yemen in January, in line with the military achievements of the Popular Resistance and the Yemeni Army, supported by the Arab Coalition, and their efforts to liberate the country.

The greater number of liberated areas and the lack of essential health and educational services has required the increased distribution of relief and food aid, as well as immediate action, to provide and improve health and medical services in liberated areas, ease the suffering of residents, and rescue families in need.

During January, the ERC continued to implement its development programmes in Yemen’s liberated areas, including in the health, education and infrastructure sectors, while providing relief aid.

Its actions reflect the UAE’s ongoing efforts to improve the living conditions of the Yemeni people and reduce their suffering, by providing for their basic living requirements.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has revealed the total value of Emirati aid provided to Yemen between April 2015 and November 2017, which reached AED9.4 billion, equivalent to US$2.56 billion.

The ERC dispatched over 14 relief and food aid convoys to various districts in the governorates of Shabwa, Hadramaut and Aden in January, which included thousands of food baskets.

An Emirati ship carrying large quantities of dates, a gift from His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, arrived in Yemen, with its cargo being distributed to the country’s liberated areas. Two ships also arrived at the ports of Mukalla and Aden, and their supply of food aid and tents were distributed to areas that were being liberated.

The health sector in Yemen has seen the considerable support of the UAE, represented by the arrival of a special Emirati medical committee that assessed the needs of government hospitals in Hadramaut, as per the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed.

The committee made several field visits, accompanied by ERC team members, and reviewed the needs of local hospitals and their services.

The committee stressed that these inspection visits are part of the UAE’s ongoing support programmes for the local health sector and added that their efforts are among the many services provided by the UAE, as part of its strategic partnership with the World Health Organisation, WHO, to revive and strengthen the Yemeni health sector, by supporting and restoring 20 hospitals in various areas of the country.

Regarding the infrastructure sector, the ERC is continuing to support reconstruction projects and develop basic local infrastructure, which was destroyed during the war started by the coup supporters. The ERC signed an agreement to fund a project to construct the 6-kilometre Al Amri-Tanhara-Al Askariya Road in Yafi, to serve over 10,000 families.

The ERC also signed agreements in Hadramaut to restore and maintain cleaning vehicles and supply equipment and other requirements to promote professional safety and prevention.

Regarding the education sector, the ERC is continuing to support the sector by signing an agreement to fund related projects in Dhale Governorate, which includes building schools and furnishing university halls.

The ERC also signed an agreement with the education office in Shabwa Governorate to build and maintain school classrooms. It also distributed food aid to several student accommodation units in Hadramaut.

Source: Emirates News Agency