Emirati Women’s Day a marker of their spirit and enterprise

ABU DHABI — Two years back, on August 28th, 2015, the UAE first marked Emirati Women’s Day and in doing so instituted an occasion that is a culmination of the country’s vision and ambition for its women, commented a UAE daily.

“As the foundation for the UAE’s development was laid in 1971, an integral aspect of its underpinning was the role Emirati women would play to take their country forward in all aspects,” said the English language daily, Gulf News, in an editorial on Tuesday.

The editorial comment explained, “By according them equal rights in the Constitution and envisioning policies that would enable Emirati women to be fully empowered individuals seeking their highest potential, personal and professional, the UAE’s leaders have nurtured an exceptionally progressive environment for them that has delivered results validating the UAE’s regional and international status as a path-maker.

The paper continued, “What’s germane to the efficacy of UAE’s policies for Emirati women is that they adhere to the highest degree of implementation. Over the four decades of national goal-setting, the numbers notched up by Emirati women’s spirit and enterprise attest to their commitment to the task of nation-building across the spectrum: eight women ministers represent one third of the seats in the Federal National Council, more than 23,000 Emirati businesswomen have a collective investment of over $10 billion (AED36.7 billion), 47 percent of the leadership and supervisory positions in the country are held by them as are 61 percent of administrative jobs, 72 percent of jobs in the health sector, 69 percent in the education sector, 13 percent in the judiciary, 29 percent in the diplomatic corps and 23 percent in specialised professional positions, according to the federal authority.

“In an apex development, in 2015, the UAE elected a woman to head the FNC, a first for the country, for Arab women and for the region, and in 2014, the UAE took the leading international position in the Women’s Respect Index. These are all signposts of the road well taken, based on an understanding and acknowledgement of an ancient historical truth that women are equal partners in progress.

“Many countries, despite centuries or decades of development, have remained ineffectual in fully establishing its merit but the UAE has succeeded due to its unflinching determination to overcome that predicament.

“With the National Strategy for the Empowerment and Leadership of Women in the UAE 2015-2021 finding its momentum, Emirati women will continue to lead, inspire and participate in all spheres of UAE’s march to greater glories and sustainable development,” concluded the Dubai-based daily.

Source: Emirates News Agency