Electricity Ministry: Restore government electricity supply to 6,000 houses

The Ministry of Electricity and Energy implemented today, Friday, a campaign to control the violating commercial electrical stations within the framework of the Capital Municipality.

Electricity and Energy Minister, Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Al-Bukhaiti, confirmed in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) the continuation of the campaign to arrest violators of the pricing approved and announced by the Ministry of Electricity, and to replace the electric current with a government one.

He pointed out that the campaign to control the violating stations comes based on the judicial rulings issued by the Prosecution of Industry and Commerce against the violating stations in the interest of citizens, and not to expose them to the greed of private station dealers.

While the directors of electricity for the second region, Yahya Al-Saraji, and the third, Abdul Rahman Zaid, indicated that the campaign that was implemented today included the neighborhoods and lanes of Beit Muayad area, and Street 16.

Al-Saraji and Zaid noted the interaction of citizens with the campaign implemented by the Ministry of Electricity represented by the General Electricity Corporation and its affiliated regions, through their response to the Ministry’s campaign aimed at correcting the status of private commercial stations in accordance with the regulations and laws regulating that.

Source: Yemen News Agency