DLD participates in WPIS 2019 in Mumbai

DUBAI, The Dubai Land Department, DLD has led a group of local real estate developers to the World Property and Investment Show, WPIS 2019, in Mumbai, India.

The department’s participation at WPIS 2019 comes as part of its efforts to strengthen its relationships with investors in major global markets.

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director-General of DLD, said, “India is considered one of the key partners of Dubai and the UAE. There is a large Indian community in the country, where its members are active in all sectors and contribute to the local investment horizon.

“Such exhibitions help us highlight Dubai’s unique features to capitals seeking the best havens and opportunities. During the show, we briefed them on DLD’s attractive and unique factors compared to its counterparts in the region and the world as well as on the latest legislation and government initiatives,” he added.

Majida Ali Rashid, CEO of the Promotion and Real Estate Investment Management Sector at DLD, commented, “Our participation in organising the first edition of WPIS 2019 in Mumbai embodies our ever-growing relationship to develop key sectors in both countries.

“Based on statistics issued by DLD, Indian investors have the highest investment rates in Dubai, investing more than US$280 billion in Dubai’s real estate market to date with what the Emirate offers in a high-quality lifestyle, a remarkable mix of state-of-the-art facilities and services, traditional values, safety, happiness, transparent and convenient procedures, and tax benefits as well as its ideal geographic location,” she explained.

The show, co-organised by DLD in cooperation with Mindscape Exhibitions, witnessed the participation of 60 exhibitors from 30 countries and over 5,000 distinguished visitors.

Source: Emirates News Agency