Discuss aspects related to preserving endowment lands in Hajjah

A meeting in Hajjah Governorate, on Saturday, discussed aspects related to preserving the lands and properties of endowments.

The meeting, which included the Undersecretary of the General Authority for Awqaf for the investment sector, Dr. Muhammad Al-Somali, the directors of the security of the governorate, Brigadier General Nayef Abu Kharfsha, and the authority’s office, Muhammad Aishan, reviewed the difficulties that the authority’s office faces in following up the lands and properties of the endowments.

The meeting emphasized strengthening the level of coordination between the security services and the authority’s office in preserving the properties and lands of endowments, and protecting them from burglary and tampering with their assets.

At the meeting, Dr. Al-Somali and the Director of the Authority’s office, Ayshan, appreciated the efforts made by the security services in controlling robberies of endowment lands in the governorate center and districts.

Source: Yemen News Agency