DED organises “Fitness Challenge” for employees, school students

ABU DHABI, The Department of Economic Development (DED) organised today at its headquarters the “Fitness Challenge” event as part of the activities of the 3rd edition of the National Sports Day 2018 under the slogan “#UAE_Unites_Us together”. More than 60 employees and school students participated in four sports exercises in flexibility and fitness.

Khalifa bin Salem Al Mansouri, Undersecretary of the DED, stated that sports is no longer played for competition, entertainment or health, but a solid culture and a key and important lifestyle that is now part of our daily life and contributes to the reinforcement of the social ties between members of the society which treats sports as a priority.

He pointed out that the DED organised this event as part of its keenness to activate social responsibility initiatives in the “Year of Zayed” which aims to reinforce the culture of sports and focuses on encouraging individuals to take care of their health, turn sports into a lifestyle and educate the public about healthy lifestyles.

Moreover, Al Mansouri stated that the DED is keen on participating in the event and activities that target sports and health events which help spread awareness about health among the various categories in the society. This in turn helps expand their knowledge and awareness in order to enable them to think positively.

The “Fitness Challenge” event included a number of sports and entertainment competitions between the participants of various categories which competed in endurance and physical and mental fitness.

The Third Edition of the National Sports Day carries a unique human and national character and aims to promote two key events. Those are the 9th Special Olympics IX MENA Games in Abu Dhabi 2018, which is organised for the People of Determination, and the Special Olympics World Games 2019 for the purpose of actively engaging this category of the population in the various social activities.

Source: Emirates News Agency