Belhaif Al Nuaimi participates in Conference of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

GENEVA, Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, UAE Minister of Infrastructure Development and Chairman of the Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime, today participated, in Geneva, in a high-level session of the four-day Conference of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UNECE, which will discuss issues related to transport, most notably multimodal transport and its role in achieving sustainability in transportation and movement.

In his speech during the conference, Al Nuaimi explained the condition and development of the shipping and transport sector in the UAE since its establishment in 1971, which has made it a prosperous, modern and vital country, with a GDP of AED1.28 trillion, equivalent to US$348 billion, in 2016, and a total volume of non-oil foreign trade of around 232.7 million tonnes, including 101.3 million tonnes of imports, 112.9 million tonnes of exports and 18.6 million tonnes of re-exports.

Al Nuaimi asserted that the UAE, due to its strategic location and developed infrastructure, has achieved the fourth position in the global competitiveness index for infrastructure in 2015/2016, and has become a major regional and international centre of maritime and land transport and aviation for goods and passengers. He also noted that the UAE has achieved the first position in the roads quality index and the third position in the quality of airport and air transport infrastructure index while highlighting its key location between the East and West.

He pointed out that the UAE’s competitive performance was crowned in 2017 by numerous accomplishments, most notably the country’s leading position in over 50 international indexes and sub-indexes, which reflects the success of its strategy to develop and improve its infrastructure, by expanding and improving its internal and external road network, airports and seaports, as well as connecting the country through its rail network.

On the sidelines of the conference, Al Nuaimi met with Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary of UNECE in Geneva, and Young Tae Kim, Secretary-General of the International Transport Forum, ITF, to discuss expanding their co-operation and exchanging transport expertise while highlighting the country’s relevant experience.

Source: Emirates News Agency