Arab Hope Makers Initiative attracts over half a million website visits, 40,000 applicants three days from launch

DUBAI, Over half a million people have visited the Arab Hope Maker website, drawing over 40,000 applicants in the second round of the Initiative in only three days since its launch. The Initiative is the largest in the Arab world to honour humanitarianism. The number of applicants is a whopping 75 per cent increase from the number on the third day of the first round, highlighting the unprecedented interaction from hope makers from around the Arab world, whether individuals, groups or institutions, who are dedicated to helping any people in need.

The highest number of applications came from Saudi Arabia with 23 per cent, followed by Egypt with 17 per cent, Jordan with 8 per cent, Syria with 6 per cent and the UAE with approximately 5 per cent .

The initiatives and projects launched by the Arab Hope Makers have been divided into various sectors including education, environment, relief, health, medical aid, culture and art programmes, as well as programmes for community development, and women’s and youth empowerment.

Assistant Secretary General of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI) Saeed Al Eter said, “The great interaction and buzz about the second round of the Arab Hope Makers Initiative shows us that the message of hope has begun spreading and bearing its fruit, as envisioned by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who stressed on the importance of solidifying the culture of giving and hopefulness in the Arab world in order to build stable societies.”

He continued, “MBRGI seeks to establish the industry of hope based on positive values that will become essential elements in the social, cultural, intellectual and psychological structures of Arab societies.”

He stressed on the fact individuals, groups and institutions are all an integral part of the hope industry, saying “any act of giving, no matter how big or small, is noble and worthy of praise and recognition.”

The Arab Hope Makers Initiative was launched by UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to honour and celebrate the people who altruistically dedicate their lives to helping others.

The initiative seeks to support the efforts of these Arab Hope Makers, and to share their inspiring stories in order to encourage other people around the Arab world to follow their example, and to spread positivity in their own ways.

The Arab Hope Makers Initiative will award the biggest Hope Maker AED1 million for his or her effort, and in support of his or her mission so that they can help as many people as possible.

The Arab Hope Makers Initiative is part of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), and reflects the organisation’s mission to create hope everywhere by addressing the challenges facing various societies, and spreading happiness and positivity.

The Initiative reflects Sheikh Mohammed’s belief that there is no greater power than hope to transform societies, and that the Hope Makers are the makers of the future.

The Arab Hope Makers Initiative has already attracted many participants via, who have shared their inspiring stories and initiatives. Any person, group or institution who, through their projects, seeks to make a positive difference in their communities, may apply on the website.

When the Arab Hope Makers Initiative was first launched, it created exciting buzz � many influencers and media personalities spread the word and encouraged the initiative.

Social media overflowed with comments from people around the Arab world who were inspired by the initiative, and commended its mission to restore hope in the heart of the region, and to consolidated the values of positivity and hopefulness in combatting despair, frustration and negativity.

When the Arab Hope Makers initiative launched in February 2017, the response was unprecedented. Although it was anticipated that 20,000 people would apply, a whopping 65,000 shared their inspiring stories of hope.

After months of looking through submissions, it was narrowed down to 20 finalists from across the Arab world. After more consideration, it was narrowed down to the five finalists who would attend the final ceremony in Dubai. The 2017 finalists were Nawal Al Sufi, from Morocco but residing in Italy, who helped rescue more than 200,000 refugees. Ma’ali Al Assoussi, from Kuwait, who has been residing in Yemen for more than ten years to help Yemenis in very difficult situations. The White Helments, the Syrian Civil Defense Organisation who work under harsh conditions to save war victims in Syria. Hashim Zahabi, from Iraq, who opened his home to street children in Iraq. And Magda Gibran, better known as Mama Maggie, from Egypt, who endowed her life to serve the poor.

The final ceremony was held in Dubai, attended by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, along with more than 2,500 officials, celebrities, media professionals and humanitarian personalities. Nawal Al Sufi was voted as the Arab Hope Maker, but His Highness surprised the crowed by awarding all five candidates the grand prize of AED1 million, help support their hopeful endeavours.

Source: Emirates News Agency