Arab children learn about the history and culture of Sharjah

SHARJAH, On the 4th day of the Sharjah Arab Children Forum, the program included a visit to the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, where children explored the human life at different ages in the location. The children then attended a screening of award-winning films at the Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival.

The event is organised by Sharjah Children of Rubu’ Qarn for Creating Future Leaders and Innovators.

Nearly 128 Arab children from 10 Arab countries, met in Mleiha Archaeological Centre, 84 of them are Emirati children from a cross-section of areas and Sharjah Children Centres, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, UAE Girl Guides Association. They visited the site to identify the archaeological site, which included detailed and necessary information about crucial periods in the history of mankind, namely: The Paleolithic Period, The Neolithic Period, The Bronze Age, The Iron Age and the Late Pre-Islamic Period. The program also featured a large number of award-winning short films totaling up to 19 films collected in about an hour and a half.

The children received a workshop on the make of fossils to enhance their knowledge about the history of fossils in the UAE, as well as enhancing their knowledge about the biology and nature of fossils. Another workshop focused on a safe solar observation through telescopes to learn more about astrology.

To ensure that children could keep the necessary information, the program included an interactive educational game, where they solved puzzles about the archeological sites they visited.

Source: Emirates News Agency